Writing on Wednesday

So, last week, I wrote letters to different people. This week, I’m writing to you. Whoever you are, here’s what I have to say about this week so far:

Dear you,

Well, this week has been crazy and I’m so glad its almost over. I stayed up until 3:30am this morning helping S tie together his final project that was due today at 1. He just went in to present, and I feel as nervous as he does, like its my own project! Hanging out with him is never boring, though. Even if its until 3:30am and all we’re doing is painting pieces of acrylic and putting together his model like a giant puzzle. It was fun to stay up in his living room after everyone else in the house went to bed, with music painting and our legs crossed on the couch facing each other, racing to see who could paint the most pieces.

Here’s a glimpse at my to-do list for the next week:

  1. Math extra credit (40 problems) due tomorrow
  2. Art final on Monday
  3. Art extra credit due on Monday
  4. 3 essays for Anthropology due Tuesday
  5. A portfolio for English due Tuesday
  6. Public Health presentation on Friday (final exam equivalent)
  7. Math final exam
  8. Anthropology final exam
  9. Apply for Honors College (personal statement/resume/short answer required)

I’m sure anyone in college reading this is nodding their head and thinking the exact same thing: there’s so much to do and so little time to do it. To those who are finishing up their school year as well, WE CAN DO THIS! It’ll be over soon. And then there’s summer – which is never a bad thing to think about.

To stay motivated, you should read my post about getting sh*t done. I follow those tips to keep me focused and on track.

Thanks for reading. Were you trying to procrastinate? Me too.


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