Wild Horses in Grayson Highlands State Park

Prepare for photo overload. Here’s a peek into my weekend at Grayson Highlands State Park! Scroll down to see a video from the trip :]

The weather was horrible, honestly. Cold, foggy, rainy…but it ended up working out well since no one was in the park! My group of friends had the campsite to ourselves, hiking wherever and whenever we wanted. The first day we were in the park, we couldn’t figure out the map, so we didn’t see any ponies. But the next day, we asked a guy hiking the Appalachian Trail (it runs through the park) and he pointed us in their direction. And they were SO. FRICKIN. CUTE.

^^^ and look at how pregnant this mama is!

Have you ever been to Grayson Highlands? Have any questions? Let me know!

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