The First Week of Class

UNCA Observations:

  1. I don’t feel bad if I miss shaving my legs for a day because…well, you can imagine the hair I see around here. Ew.
  2. No one wears bras. Like, ever. What? And when I say no one wears bras, don’t think it’s like Jennifer Aniston walking around (fun fact: Jennifer Aniston is famous for not wearing a bra. Look it up). It’s like, bad.
  3. The teachers are all a little weird but I think you have to be weird to be a teacher. Go back and read that again, Mom. You too, Dad.
  4. The gym is a SUPER long way away from our dorm and it’s practically a workout just getting to spin class or “Abs Blast.”
  5. Literally no one cares about anybody or what anybody is doing and that just rocks.
  6. #blessed to have Lilli as a roommate because we’re basically the same person and we get along really well.
  7. People come to the mountains and it’s a tourist spot because it’s beautiful here, but I see what visitors pay to see every morning when I wake up and all day when I’m walking outside and before I go to bed. I guess that’s cool.
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  • Melanie

    I freaking LOVE this list!

  • Linda

    Really Funny List! Love your sense of humor.

  • Lynn