The Four Party

Inspired by Two Thirds Hazel, good things come in…(two) pairs??


  1. The Softlips Cube (best EVER)
  2. Cute and colored pens
  3. Eat, Pray, Love
  4. My sunglasses


  1. Dirty Dancing // Who HASN’T watched this more than once? I mean, really.
  2. Frozen // Maybe watching this everyday while I was babysitting is the reason why I know literally every single word…
  3. Steel Magnolias // If you haven’t seen this already, 1. I’m judging you and 2. Watch this one with your mama and best friend.
  4. Legends of the Fall // Two words: Brad. Pitt. And can you tell I like old movies?

PicMonkey Collage


  1. Dr. Pepper
  2. Water with lemon
  3. Lemonade
  4. Strawberry smoothie


  1. How I’m going to pay for my summer wardrobe. But really. I have big dreams for that thing.
  2. If I seriously want Public Health to be my major or if I want to take the leap and do nursing school. Ew, that sounds awful just typing it, but I’m confused.
  3. Where I put my phone charger. Its on 6%. Oops.
  4. How hard it is to think of four random things.


  1. LONDON // Loooooved every second.
  2. Ontario, Canada // This is the place that started it all: where I started to blog!!
  3. Disney World // Even if this trip was when I was 10. Whatever. It still rocks.
  4. Nashville, TN



  1. Yanceyville, NC // Where our neighbors were Amish and we lived on a farm.
  2. Chapel Hill, NC // Home sweet home
  3. Asheville, NC // My first semester of freshman year was spent at school here!
  4. Charlotte, NC // Where I live now! Apartment sweet apartment


  1. Sex and the City // S says that I remind him of Samantha. Yep. He watched it with me.
  2. Grey’s Anatomy // NO SPOILERS! I’m not finished with Season 11.
  3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt // I cry happy tears because I’m laughing so freakin’ hard.
  4. Law and Order SVU // This show creeps me the freak out, but its so addicting. I can’t stop. #help


  1. JUNE 9 // On June 9, I’m taking off and going somewhere with my bff Katie and its gonna be a huge SURPRISE! Stay tuned.
  2. JULY 31 // On July 31, I’m going on ANOTHER trip with the boyfriend. Not telling where.
  3. The start of a new semester // I know I just finished my finals yesterday, but I love school, buying new school supplies, and taking new classes.
  4. Taking classes specific to my major. Can’t wait to narrow down what I want to do as a career!

For you: How did you decide on your major/future career? HELP!

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Where to next?

  • I kind of just “fell” into it. I started out as a nursing major and after attempting to get into the program twice, I set my sites on another field. I graduated with a BS in accounting and am now a senior accountant for a global company. Sometimes God knows the plan better than you do! My advice is to think long term – what do you really see yourself doing 15 years from now?

    How 2 Wear It …

  • It’s so difficult to choose a major (maybe why I changed mine 4 times)! Public health and nursing both sound like good options. Sex and the City is SUCH a good show, I’m obsessed but relate more to Carrie than any of the others.

  • Love this!
    so fun.

    It actually didn’t take me too long to decide on my major because I knew I wanted to do something involving PR/Marketing/Advertising, so I majored in Communication with a focus in Public Relations.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  • I can honestly say that all of your movie choices are ones that STAY in my “recently watched” file! You can’t go wrong with a classic!

  • What a cute idea! Glad to hear you love school supplies too! I absolutely love them! I’m going to be sad when I don’t have a legitimate reason to buy school supplies!

  • I keep the same things in my bag as well: book, pens, sunglasses, and chapstick. I read Eat, Pray, Love and LOVED it! Water with lemons is my favorite drink ever. 🙂


  • Yeay, you put down Ontario as your favorite place you travelled!
    I have seen Legend of the Falls too many time…and for the same reason >_<
    Smitten Sophie

  • Sounds like you are going on a lot of trips! Hope you have a blast and can’t wait to hear!

  • Ahhh, we have so much in common! I love colored pens and Steel Magnolias makes me sob like a baby every time! Loved learning more about you 🙂

    When deciding on a future career, I did A LOT of praying. I felt so lost and had tried so many majors that didn’t work for me. I also took a career test, and I think it was helpful in presenting ideas that I had never thought of. Best of luck, love!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  • Honestly, I’m still deciding on my career. I currently work in hospitality, which I just kind of fell into. While I love it, my true passion is to write, and I would love to work as a full-time freelancer but also have a few book published.

    Frozen is one of the best movies ever! I have the soundtrack on vinyl. Not ashamed. London. I want to go back so much. My sister and I went last summer, and I could seriously picture myself living there. It was incredible.

  • LOVED this post and loved getting to know more about you!! I might steal your questions and use them on my own blog sometime. 🙂
    I am a Journalism and Digital Media major which is in my college’s Communications school! I have wanted to work in radio broadcasting since I was a little girl, and this major is the best option at my school for wanting to do that. I also have a radio based internship!

    xoxo A

  • I love those movies too – except I haven’t seen Legends of the Fall before. I’ll have to watch that since your other faves are some of mine too!

  • danielle

    i love eat pray love! i’m absolutely dying to go back to london as well!

    danielle | avec danielle