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I wrote this post earlier LAST week and it was queued but never published?? WordPress do you have an answer for this?? Anywho, its Tuesday and it feels like this week is already 827 years long.

Today, I’m talking Instagram. ITS MY FAVORITE!!  Keep on reading to find my top 5 Instagram accounts.

1. Bev Cooks

“I don’t think this is the best place for this rug.” by @bevcooks

“Was it something I said?” by @bevcooks

^^^ THIS. I die. Every time.
I can’t handle Bev, y’all. She’s actually one of my most favorite people ever and I haven’t even met her. Weird? Sorry. She writes over at Bev Cooks and has boy/girl twins, Will and Natalie. Her pictures on Instagram (above) paired with her captions make me laugh out loud. I followed bevcooks on Instagram before reading her blog and then I FREAKED when I found out she wrote stuff. She also cooks. Hence the name Bev COOKS. And she’s really good at it:

You guys. Scallops. 🙌🏻 And wine. 🍷 On my site. 👏🏻 Today. 👊🏻 RIP to all of us. 💃🏻#feedfeed #howifall by @bevcooks

I think I like her so much because she is, or appears to be,  just so outgoing and crazy and fun. Her writing style is HILARIOUS and so carefree. When I do a post on my favorite bloggers you’re going to see her again. Just letting you know that up front. Her Instagram captions and blog are what you need for a pick me up on any bad day. Follow her and thank me later.

2. Emily Ley

This is another mom with boy/girl twins but I swear its just a coincidence. I found Emily Ley when I found her website and her Simplified Planner, and I love her love for busy women, pineapples, and organization.

Had the best last-workday-of-the-week working like a mad woman while our friend @lefoote captured a day in the office! Also, Nutella stuffed cronuts are crucial to busy days like today. 🍩 #makingoftheSP #simplifiedplanner (Also, lipstick didn’t make the cut. I CANT!!!) 😂💋 by @emilyley

Through Emily, I also found Scarlet and Gold, a cute Southern shop based in Alabama but also the leader of the Give Grace campaign which raises funds for adoption and couples struggling with infertility. Obviously I’m not a mom, and dear lord I am not going to have a baby anytime soon, but because I am so passionate about women’s health I really appreciate this campaign!

To all you girls with baby-shaped holes in your hopeful hearts: God has big plans for you. I’m so inspired by @megansmalley and @scarletandgoldshop’s #GiveGrace campaign to raise funds for adoption and IVF for couples facing infertility. It’s a lonely road but you JUST never know what He has in store at the end of it. ❤️❤️❤️ by @emilyley

I guess the main reason I like following Emily because she embraces the chaos and is so graceful about it. I love her products because they promote simplicity and scheduling but also encourage spontaneity and going with the flow. And her kids are freakin’ adorable. So. That’s a plus. Is that weird think to say again?? Her oldest Brady cracks me up. He’s a little nugget comedian.

@NancyRay, you are amazing. The most beautiful film photos of my whole entire heart just landed in my hands and I couldn’t love them more!!!! 💕 📷 by @NancyRay by @emilyley

3. Kaihla Tonai

Kaihla Tonai is an AMAZING photographer and just freakin’ wow her work is beautiful:

My heart could not be more full #thecrowhursts #barefootbride #kaihlatonai #jaspernationalpark #firstlook by @kaihlatonai

@treswiebe let me tag along on her latest engagement session in #Banff and I got to snap a couple shots of my own! ♡ p.s who wants to hit the road and shoot a session in Banff, for real….hahah I am continually blown away by our Country’s beauty! by @kaihlatonai

She also travels around with her new husband in this cute little camper van and whenever I try and show my friends and try to get them to feel ~inspired~~ they’re just like wow that looks awesome and look at me like I have 4 heads.

I don’t have 4 heads. I just wish I could travel like this girl does, okay?

O U T O F O F F I C E. by @kaihlatonai

I’m finding the time this week to FINALLY share more words + photos from our wedding weekend on the blog 🌿 #SoLafondOfYou #EllieBlueVW 📷 @kenziiekate by @kaihlatonai

4. Camping with Dogs

For every time you think about not doing it, there’s someone throwing away the excuses and planning an adventure. Life isn’t built on excuses or, “maybe next time.” It’s built on carpe the f’ing diem out of every single day. To live is to adventure and to adventure is to live. Shout out to @hunter_lawrence, @sarah_michelle_lawrence and their dog @aspenthemountainpup for being an inspiration. #campingwithdogs at Lake Louise in Banff National Park by @campingwithdogs

Following the leader. #campingwithdogs @shantii47 by @campingwithdogs

“I told you I was tired!” #campingwithdogs @erica_ball9 by @campingwithdogs

I don’t really think I have to explain why this Instagram account is one of my favorites.

Our inspiration to participate in National Camping With Dogs Day comes from @thegoldenaspen & @thegoldensierra. #campingwithdogs by @campingwithdogs

^^^ I showed S that pic and said LOOK THAT WAS US because hello camping and hello backpacking and hello his favorite dog is a Golden Retriever. He just said that can’t be us because we aren’t dogs and looked at me like I had 19 toes.

I don’t have 19 toes, I have 10, I don’t understand why people aren’t as enthusiastic about this stuff as I am???

5. Audrey (& Jeremy) Roloff

Two words, one hashtag: #relationshipgoals

Sharing some insight from our first year of marriage ➕ our anniversary photos over on @greenweddingshoes thanks to the talented @cassierosch… by @audreyroloff

NEW BLOG POST on our anniversary weekend adventure + excerpts from the letters @jeremyjamesroloff and I wrote each other one year ago to be read on our one-year anniversary… Photo by | @cassierosch by @audreyroloff

ONE YEAR!! Jeremy, I’ve loved you more each day. You aren’t the man I married just one year ago. You are more than that man. You melt my heart and make it stronger at the same time…by @audreyroloff

These two aren’t just #relationshipgoals because they’re obviously beautiful people. They’re a couple to admire and to be inspired by because they’re beating the 50%:

“In the United States, researchers estimate that 50 percent of all first marriages will end in permanent separation or divorce. The risk is even higher for second marriages, about 60 percent. How is it, that our grandparent’s generation is committed to their marriages at age 80, yet as a 24-year-old, most of my friends parents are divorced or remarried by age 50. And as for my generation, it seems that the obsession with weddings remains rampant, yet the focus on marriage as the purpose of the wedding day, is becoming less and less…When our grandparents were growing up, if their car, bike, sink, dress, bed, or radio broke, they fixed it. Nowadays, most people wouldn’t even know how to fix those things even if they wanted to. More than that, most people don’t want to because they don’t need to. If it breaks, they just buy a new one, a better one. Seemingly, nothing is irreplaceable. And so the same concept has unfortunately translated to our marriages. If it breaks, just get a new one. My husband and I, and I’m confident we’re not alone in this, want to have a marriage marked by ‘fixing,’ instead of ‘throwing away.'”  – an excerpt from Our 6 Questions for Marriage

I admire Audrey and Jeremy because they are determined to beat the 50% and be the best they can be, together. Audrey also writes over at and her stories are so fun to read. And she just moved to Oregon which is my dang DREAM.

Spent the weekend with @jeremyjamesroloff at Big Bear Lake and got to see #bigbearmountain. I grew up downhill ski racing and I’ve always wanted to see this place! #turnandburn by @audreyroloff

There you have it. The 5 people you should follow if you still want to be my friend.

I’m not kidding.

And oh my gosh, yes, you can follow me on Instagram! Geez I’m so flattered.


I’m already counting down to the weekend. Is that bad? Ask me what I’ll be doing:

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  • I am going to follow Audrey and the camping with dogs accounts right now!! Thanks for sharing!

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    • Savannah Ward

      Thanks for commenting! In no time, those two accounts will be your favorites too! 🙂

  • Cristina on Campus

    This post was so enjoyable for me because I love finding new instagrams to stalk! How gorgeous is Audrey Roloff?!

    • Savannah Ward

      I love finding new Instagrams too!! And YES I know, right?! She seems to beautiful inside too.

  • I didn’t know about any of these accounts except Emily Ley’s.

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      I LOVE Emily Ley! I’m set on buying her Simplified Planner for next school year.

  • Miss ALK

    Camping with Dogs- how cute!! I hadn’t heard of these accounts before- always fun to find new Insta friends. 🙂

    xoxo A

    • Savannah Ward

      My mom’s friend showed me Camping with Dogs and I fell in love immediately. Their pictures always make my day!

  • How have I never heard of any of these accounts? All of the photos you shared are so lovely! I need to go follow Camping with Dogs ASAP!

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      Thanks so much for commenting! I follow soooo many people on was so hard to pick only 5 to share!

  • These are awesome accounts! And such a great idea for a post! Love all of the pics!


  • Merisa Ferrell

    I just shared my favorite Instagram accounts on my blog too! Haha I love when great minds think a like. I love Audrey & Jeremy Roloff and I am definitely going to have to check out the other accounts too, they look gorgeous. Thanks for sharing! xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

  • I truly don’t believe that the wedding is the most important part-it’s just a day that starts forever!
    with southern grace,

  • Sara Kate Steadman

    Wow!! I love each and every one of these! Especially that first one… She has the most hilarious captions!

    Sara Kate Styling

  • Lauren Ashley

    I absolutely LOVE Emily Ley! She is the cutest!



  • Emily Ley is amazing and I adore her Instagram! Her kids are way too cute! I’ve never heard of the last couple, but they sound amazing! I want to beat the odds too!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

  • Claudia Jane

    Thanks for sharing, I loved looking at their wonderful pictures! I don’t follow any of them, but def will now!!

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  • Ashley

    What a great round up! I absolutely love Audrey!! Definitely inspires me in my relationship!

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  • I love finding new Instagram accounts, though it always makes me jealous that mine doesn’t look anything like theirs. Maybe one day, lol.

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    Love these! Audrey’s is my absolute fave, following now!

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  • Audrey Mirabella Roloff

    Awe hey girl thanks for the sweet post and including Jeremy and I! Love your blog!!

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      Wow, thanks so much for stopping by and reading!! Happy 2016!