Back to School Shopping with Groupon

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I know. This is the 4,327th blog post you’ve seen about going back to school.


And get ready because you’re about to see 500 more on Always, S. Duh.

Raise your hand if you love online shopping.

^ Me.

Combine back to school shopping with the ultimate favorite, online shopping, and BAM. Helllooooo, Groupon.

There are sooo many Groupon Goods to choose from, people. Extra phone chargers? Important. Headphones to block out your annoying roommate? Must have. A pack of gel pens so you can color code your planner? I know. I read your mind. A diffuser so you can feel chill/zen AF? Need it. Extra batteries for your TV remote so you can watch Netflix 24/7? STOP THE MADNESS! A stargazing nightlight projector because you’re terrified of the dark? COUNT ME IN!

No…? Just me?

But in all seriousness, I’ve been running around like a crazy person this summer trying to get everything in place for the semester. It feels so good to have Groupon at my fingertips, easily accessible on my laptop or phone.

Pause: Can we go back to the nightlight thing for a sec? That was a joke. I swear.

But Groupon does have a wide selection of night lights in case that sentence spoke to you personally.

And check out Groupon Goods for more back to school supplies (the must-haves and stuff you didn’t even know you needed).

Until there’s more back-to-school talk on Always, S, I recommend checking out The Young Hopeful or Kayla Blogs for college posts!

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