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We are half-way through the week, which means the days are counting down until I go back to school. I’m sad to leave summer behind but excited to start new classes and put all of my new school supplies to use. Yesterday you might have read my post about Idaho and how it actually has cool things – who knew?! Today I’m talking about our time in Colorado. (Note: If you want to share my photos, link back to my blog and give full credit. Thank you!!)

In Colorado, there’s a teeny tiny little town in the southwest of the state called Dolores, CO. It is BEAUTIFUL. The town is so lively and there’s probably less than 150 or 200 people living there. There’s a small grocery store, some churches, a thrift store, one gas station, and The River’s Edge.

The River’s Edge is an awesome restaurant that literally sits right next to a beautiful river!! What’s super weird is that the restaurant doesn’t show up while searching on Google, but don’t worry! The great thing about this restaurant is that you pass it as soon as you enter the town, so you can’t miss it. We went for lunch one day before going to Mesa Verde (he got fish and chips, I got spaghetti and a raspberry vinaigrette salad) and loved it so much that we ate there for dinner that very night (we got a cheese pizza and another salad)! After eating lunch there, we decided to drive about 30 minutes to Mesa Verde, a national park, home to some of the best preserved archeological sites in the country. Pueblo people lived in Mesa Verde from around 550 AD to 1500 and the park holds almost 5,000 sites! This park is such a great way to take a trip to the past and learn a lot about the Ancestral Pueblo people and how they lived and thrived.

Since we stayed in a cabin while we were in Colorado, we were able to leave our puppy at home, which gave us a little more time to explore this national park. We decided to take about a two mile hike to a rock wall displaying pictographs from the time of the Ancestral Pueblo people! How cool is that?! We were surprised the sign said that the average hike time is two hours because it was also just two miles, but the walk is very steep and rocky at some points and it isn’t wise to go fast through the trail, unless you want to get hurt! We decided to find the pictograph without a map or guide, and right before we gave up, we found it!! S was so excited and it was so fun to try and guess what the pictures depicted and what their stories were.

After Mesa Verde, we stayed one more night in our cabin, then in the morning drove to spend the day in Boulder! But that drive wasn’t the slightest bit boring, because of views like this:

The water was so blue, it almost looked fake! Usually, S and I took turns driving in shifts, but throughout Colorado, S drove most of the time because I was glued to my camera! While in Boulder, we drove through UC Boulder’s campus and I have to say that the campus is one of the prettiest I’ve seen, ever. The style of the buildings is so unique and it makes me think of the movie Under the Tuscan Sun for some reason. After spending hours in Boulder, we drove to Denver and met up with some friends who recently moved there. We ate at a super trendy and stylish restaurant downtown but I can’t remember the name of it for the life of me!! I had two tacos, one “wild card” (chef’s choice) and one with pulled pork, honey, and onions. S ordered the same thing, and we soon found out that our wild card tacos had RATTLESNAKE meat in them!!!! WHAT?! I never thought I would be able to tell people that I’ve tried rattlesnake. It tastes and looks like ground beef and I honestly forgot what I was eating throughout the meal.

After spending the night in Denver, S and I packed up our bags, stuffed the trunk full (again), and started to make our way home. Our next stop would be St. Louis, Missouri, which served as a half-way point. Overall, Colorado was beautiful and it was by far my boyfriend’s favorite stop. He’s been to Colorado before and loved it, so I was really excited for him to show me around and hear stories from his previous trip! I’ve been talking about our trip out of order, but I’m too excited to share specific photos and stories, so bear with me!

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  • I’m visiting colorado soon! I’m book marking this! It’s so beautiful out there!

  • Wow – those pictures are breathtaking!

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  • Wow such a fun little roadtrip you two had!
    I love Colorado and am dying to visit again.

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  • Chronicling Home

    Beautiful pictures!! Absolutely stunning! You give me travel envy!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

  • I’ve never been to Colorado but I’ve heard so many great things about how beautiful it is. I would LOVE to visit!

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    LOVE the pics! I’ve never gone to Colorado but am dying to go! Your pics make me even more jealous!
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    Oh my goodness, Colorado looks gorgeous! My husband really wants to visit, but I was a little unsure. Now I am telling him I definitely want to go! So many amazing things to see!!

    xo Ashley

  • So beautiful! I am loving hearing about your trip. I visited Colorado in middle school but I think it would be fun to go back!

    xoxo A

  • May

    I’ve been updating my BF about your adventures and we are getting seriously inspired. He tried alligator burger in New Orleans, so maybe it’s time to add snake meat to his repertoire 😉


  • This trip looks so relaxing! Colorado is just stunning this time of the year!

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  • Wow those pictures are stunning. I want to be there soon!!

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    Looks like an amazing trip!

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  • I’ve only driven through Colorado, I haven’t really had the chance to vacation there yet! Your pictures are great and sounds like it was an awesome time!
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    I love hiking! It’s so fun when you and your boyfriend have an activity you enjoy doing together. Your pictures are gorgeous by the way!

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