The Best of the Best: My Favorite Bloggers

I’m always looking for more blogs to read. Aren’t you? Before the weekend kicks off, here are some of my favorites and why. TGIF!


You don’t want to miss: Study Breakdown, Seashells & Sparkles, Cristina Was Here (and she vlogs!), Sara Laughed


You don’t want to miss: Amber from Barefoot Blonde

Whenever I’m feeling lazy about blogging, traveling, or even putting on makeup in the morning, I turn to Amber’s blog. Of course I don’t know her in real life, but she appears to be so genuine and fun, and SUCH a good mom to her two sweet babies, Atticus and Rosie. The photography in her posts is incredible and the adventures she takes with her family are so inspiring. Some of my favorite posts of hers include this one from Nantucket and one of her most recent, The Cove. I’m not a mom, but I know how important it is to introduce your kids to places outside of your own and outside of their comfort zone, and I think Amber and her husband David do this so gracefully.


Another favorite: Naomi from Love Taza

I couldn’t pick just one family favorite, since all I want to do in my free time is read up on cute families traveling and taking pics. I might even love family blogs more than wedding blogs, which is saying a LOT. Anyways, Naomi is THE badass and beautiful supermom every girl wishes she could be. She works with her husband Josh to take her three kids on the coolest trips, whether it be the Swiss Alps, a day at the US Open, or just out for afternoon on their home turf in NYC. Their littlest nugget, Conrad, is the absolute CUTEST baby I’ve ever seen! Is that creepy to say? I don’t know. I feel like as a nanny, I’ve been able to see the good, bad, and ugly of many families. And I feel like I have a pretty good idea in my head now about what constitutes as a well working family, a happy and healthy marriage, and a genuine love for your kids. Similar to what I said about Amber up above, I really feel like Naomi knows what she’s doing. I don’t know her family and I know you can choose what you share on social media, but you can tell in pictures that her kids are genuinely happy and having fun. I know with the help of this blog what a close-knit family is supposed to look like.


You don’t want to miss: Hailey and Brad from Something Devine

First, I am insanely jealous of anyone who went on the Devine’s recent trip to Thailand. Next, I’m freaking out over the fact that this family JUST HAD THEIR SECOND BABY!!! Also, these people take the cake for the coolest travel blog. Ever. Their videography skills blow my mind and make me drool. I dream about their camera equipment. They’re THAT good. Their take on travel is so fresh and inspiring. My favorite projects so far have been Disneyland in Slow Motion (such a unique perspective!) and Zion National Park.


You don’t want to miss: Kate from Lonestar Southern (can I please have everything in this girl’s closet??)

I first stumbled across Kate’s blog when I was watching one of her YouTube videos. Kate is what every southern girl wants to be – graceful, sophisticated, fun, intentional, fashionable, and sweet as pie! You can just tell in her vlogs and how she writes. Her posts are refreshingly authentic and her style is incomparable. And her snapchats are so fun! Some of my favorite looks of hers include this matching two piece, a sassy sweater and shorts combo, and this PERFECT white on white outfit (my #1 fave). I’m looking forward to her fall and winter looks as summer ends and cozy sweater season begins (swooooon)!


You don’t want to miss: A Pair & A Spare

Although I have yet to master any of Geneva’s DIY projects as well as she does, I still like reading her posts and pretending I know what I’m doing. I love Geneva’s simple, intentional, and minimal style. Whether it be traveling, designing shoes (!!), or styling one of her famous DIY tops…this girl does it all. So well. And so effortlessly.

There you go! My favorites!

Do you have any blogs that you read regularly? Do you have cute lil families that you stalk on Insta? Do you use anyone’s videos or pics online to feed your wanderlust? Let me know! I’m always down for some new reading material. P.S: None of the pics in this post are mine. In order, they are from: Barefoot Blonde, Love Taza, Something Devine, Lonestar Southern, and A Pair & A Spare.

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  • nicole simonetti

    definitely have to check these girls out! I love the barefoot blonde as it is, so I can’t wait to see who else you follow along with. x, nicole ≫

  • I’ve never head of Something Devine before but I absolutely love their blog! It’s super cute and is seriously giving me the travel bug.

  • Helene was the first blogger I stated following too! I love finding new blogs to be inspired by (:

  • I need to check out Study Breakdown! Thanks for the suggestions girl.

    Alix |

  • Sydney Power

    These are awesome!! Now I have some new blogs to check out!

  • Thank you for sharing these! I’m a huge fan of Kate and Helene, as well as Cristina!

    Pick Your Beau

  • Oh my goodness! So many bloggers to love! Erica from Coming Up Roses is one of my faves too, and I had so much fun spending a weekend with her and Nina from Hugs and Lattes when we went to Nashville! Helene was one of the first bloggers I started following too, but I found her through her friend, Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars. There are a few bloggers I haven’t heard of before on this list, so I’m eager to check them out!

  • Girl! This literally just made my week 🙂 so sweet of you to include me! I’m excited to check out th rest of your blogging inspirations 🙂

  • Amy

    OMG OMG OMG I hear about Hailey and Brad from Aspyn Ovard (she’s a YouTuber) all the time! They’re such a cute couple and I love their little family! I cannot wait to check out some of these bloggers, they sound fantastic!


    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  • Adriana

    I LOVE this!!! I need to check these bloggers out – finding new bloggers is my absolute favorite thing to do haha!

  • Rachel Mariana Timmerman

    I follow and love Amber, Taza and Kate as well!! 🙂

  • I’ve only heard of A Pair & A Spare, but I can’t wait to look at the others! The photos you chose to showcase them are great!

    Kirsten –

  • Victoria Stacey

    These are all great picks 🙂 I love Helene and a Pair & A Spare!

  • My Sprinkle of Prep

    Omg these are some of my favorite bloggers, I love to read all of Hailey and Brad’s posts and pictures and photos skills, they are seriously killing the game in photo and video. I also have adored Kate from Lonestar Southern for years, one of the main reasons along with Amy from I believe in Pink for the reason why I started my own blog.