5 Things You MUST Do After Finals

I’m currently one week away from FINISHING MY SOPHOMORE YEAR OF COLLEGE!!!! I’m almost HALF WAY through! I’ve developed quite the routine for after finals and I thought I would share. Here are five things you MUST do when you’re done taking those tests:

1. Say thank you. I always make a point to sit down and email each professor, thanking them for their time and effort they put into the class. Usually, it goes a little something like this:

“Hi Professor _______,

My name is _________ and I was a student in your _________ class. I wanted to reach out and say thank you. I really enjoyed your class and it’s content, especially when we discussed _________! I appreciate the time you put into our class and your lectures. I hope to take another one of your classes in the future! 

I hope you have a great summer, and thank you again!”

Obviously, if you didn’t get along so well with a professor, don’t send this. But even if you barely spoke to him/her (or maybe not at all), teachers appreciate their students reaching out and acknowledging their work. It’s the best feeling to hear that you’re doing a great job, no matter who you are and where you work!

2. Empty your backpack. It’s the BEST feeling to sit down and empty out my school book bag. Usually, if the class is one that’s in my major, I’ll save the notes, but otherwise, it’s gone! It’s thrown out! I take a wipe and quickly wipe down the insides and pockets too; I don’t know how many times I’ve found pieces of wrapped gum squished at the bottom of my books or a pack of gummies hiding in a pocket! I also test all of my pens and highlighters in my pencil case. If they work, I put them in my cup on my desk, and if they don’t, I toss them in the trash. This is sometimes a tedious process, but you’ll feel SO relieved when you’re done!

3. Return textbooks. We’re already broke college students, so we don’t need pesky late fees tacked on to our long list of things to pay for/buy. Try to return your textbooks BEFORE your school deadline so you’re not stuck in a long line on the last day!

4. Treat yoself. A manicure, a new hair style, a new workout class, a walk in the park, custom design for your blog…whatever it is, spend some time (and maybe some money) on yourself! You deserve it.

5. Hug your mama. Or your dad. Or grandma. Whoever it is, spend some time with family when you’re done. I know I’m going to soak up every second I have with my family when I’m done with school because its been 497 years since I hung out with everybody. Phones away, too. Disconnect and love the people who have loved you through this school year (and your breakdowns, let’s be real here).

Do you have a routine for after finals? What’s the first thing you do when you’re done? Let me know!

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  • Olivia Muller

    Emptying my backpack is such a great feeling after finals and after graduation like I just did!


    Miss Olivia Says

  • I wish I would have taken time to thank my professors after my finals, such a sweet sentiment, they definitely deserve it!

  • LOL my college backpack remains packed one year after graduation! I literally moved home and threw it in the back of my closet, never to be touched again.

  • Allie Bigoness

    Oh finals…. I definitely don’t miss that part of college. It’s so strange to think it’s been almost a year since I graduated. Funny thing is I still haven’t emptied my backpack since my last semester 😳 I definitely think treating yourself after finals is a must.

  • Ashley

    I was so bad about emptying my backpack! It always ended up shoved in a closet and I would get it out the day before classes started it up again only to find it filled with junk!

    xo Ashley

  • I literally did every one of these things over the last week since I have been done. 🙂

  • I never wrote thank you notes to my professors what a great idea!!

  • Sara Kate Steadman

    Yes yes yes!! All of these are so perfect. You never know when you are going to need a good reference so the thank yous are a great idea.

    Sara Kate Styling

  • Love these tips! I’m long done finals now but this is a perfect list for those finishing school!

    Jennifer Ashley

  • sami moore

    Love this list! I always make sure to treat myself with a spa trip, after I write my professors personal thank you notes!

    Sami || sparkleandshinesami.com

  • Yes emptying my backpack and packing up to go home is the BEST part of finals week!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

  • I have a huge exam to finish my master’s on May 20th and I’ll be doing ALL of these things when I’m done! I can’t wait to put this exam behind me.


  • Kayleigh

    I’m all fo retreating myself after finals!

  • Oh my, in all four years of my undergrad studies it never occurred to me to email my professors and thank them! Haha

  • I love the first tip! That’s something I never thought to do & totally should.