Your Sweet Indian Princess

Dear Granny,

I hope Grandma Linda shows you this post! I’ve been thinking for a long time about what I want to say. You’ve been sick for a little while and in and out of the hospital. Its been really hard for me to stay positive just because I don’t like to see you struggle. The miles in between us don’t help either; school is just a blur and I’m eager to ask Mom how you are and how you’re feeling. I’ve always loved letters for the simple reason of being able to say what you can’t out loud! There aren’t any rules or constructs, just me and my pen (or in this case, my computer).

First, everyone reading this needs to know how much of a hero you are to me. Second, you need to know how much of a hero you are to me. You are a woman who has gone through so much and overcome incredible obstacles. You have always gone above and beyond to protect your family. When I look at you, I see strength, hope, perseverance, and of course, sass. I was talking to my good friend last week and her grandma isn’t doing too well. I told her how blessed I felt to have a real live hero in my life. That real live hero is you and WOW I absolutely can’t believe that I’m related to you. How cool is that?! You are such a beautiful woman inside and out (you especially look hot with your sparkly green slippers on).

So many people don’t truly know what it means to love and be loved. I know I was shown so much of both from you and I have come to understand as I get older how much of a blessing that is.

I hope you know that I miss you and think about you everyday while I’m at school and I always wonder what you’re up to. I hope you know that I wish everyday that you show your strength and sass as long as you can, and I hope you know that I really don’t want you to give up. I hope you know that the love you have shown me is something I’ll always hold close to my heart. And I hope you know how much I love you and your sweet smile!

Granny, when the days get hard and you’re feeling a little rocky, do me a huge favor and read this letter. Remember everything you’ve gone through but just so you can remember everything you’ve overcome.


I’m rooting for you always. Love,

Your sweet Indian princess

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  • Linda Plourde

    I will print this out for her! You are so special to us Savannah! We love you.