Friday Favorites

I hope you don’t mind me posting this week’s Friday Favorites one day early – I’m feeling a little sick and have to make the drive back home tomorrow, so I figured I would post early instead of not at all.

> If you read 18 things I’ve never told you, you know that I don’t do yoga, but I’m desperately trying to get into it. I found this pin that gives me more of a push towards giving this form of exercise another go.

> Because you can never get too much of Sex and the City

> …and because who doesn’t LOVE snickerdoodle?

> Say hi to a new blog friend of mine.

> Gina Alyse shares her must-haves for college road-trips.

> Just in case you need a little more wanderlust.

> Can’t. Stop. Listening. To. This. Song. 

> Follow me on Instagram!! @swraex My account is public. I’ll follow back 🙂

> I’m participating in a great new ad swap with 3 bloggers! Look to your right under “Blogs I <3” to check out some new cool blogs. Oh, and if you want to do an ad swap too, please don’t hesitate to email me!! I would love to.

Happy (almost) Friday, everyone!


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