Friday Favorites + #SANDSOUTWEST

Happy weekend, ya’ll! I’m super excited to share this post because along with posting my friday favorites (a day late, I suck), I’ll hopefully get some ideas for an upcoming trip. S and I are going OUT WEST! And by out west, I mean allllll the way from NC to Montana and then some. We’ll be out there for a little bit, sooo…

long story short, I really need your help!! Besides our #1, Montana, which states should we see too? Are there any cool places along the way that we must see? Any nice restaurants? Any stops that aren’t your typical tourist attraction? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, while we’re on our trip, I’ll be sharing pictures and videos that you can only see by following me on snapchat. Add me: swraex and stay tuned for live coverage of #sandsoutwest.

Anyways, here are this week’s Friday Favorites. On a Saturday, I know, but sometimes, sh*t just gets crazy, ya know?

1. As if Leo wasn’t already hot enough


2. Here’s why you should make graphic organizers your bff & how to use them.
3. Because what’s a Friday Favorites post without super yummy but also bad for you food, right?
4. 41 Stores with Student Discounts
5. Ever wondered who does that little voice in your phone, otherwise known as Siri? Meet her.
6. Can you answer these super simple questions about famous art?
7. 20 Quotes Every 20 Year Old Needs to Read
8. Let’s bring the best of Always, S back!! View some of my favorite posts over on my Mogul profile. And share if you want 😉
9. Here’s something to add to your workout routine: a 28 Day Plank Challenge.
10. #goals.

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Where to next?

  • Student discounts are the best and that guide was super helpful! I wish I had a suggestion for your trip out west but I have never traveled farther than Tennessee so I am no help unfortunately 🙁 I can’t wait to read all about it though! 😀

  • I’m not really sure how long you’re planning your road trip, but I live in WI currently, and have also lived in AZ and CA. I LOVED Arizona, so if you get a chance to visit there, I definitely would. I’m doubting you would get as far North as WI, but you should check out Chicago, if you get the chance.

  • I am so jealous that you’re going to Montana!!! It’s my dream to visit some western states like Montana, Idaho and Wyoming and road trip around and see everything! Being an East Coast Girl, I think that would be so different from what I’ m used to. HAVE A BLAST!!! 🙂

    xoxo A

  • For some reason, I never thought that there would be a real person behind Siri. I always assumed that it was one of those automated machine voices. After watching that video from #5, I realized how ridiculous that assumption was, lol. Of course a real person must have had to record their voice first before it can be used. Thank you for sharing that! It was interesting.

  • love all of these! can’t wait to see your updates from the trip