Friday Favorites

Sooo these might be a couple of days late…but here are some links I loved last week!

  1. Best State Parks in America // Add these to your summer road trip itinerary! This cool interactive website for travelers tells you the distance between stops in miles and in hours, cool places to stop and sleep along the way, and my favorite: add your car for personalized gas mileage and gas info! Find out how much you need to set aside for fuel.
  2. 6 Easy Updos for the season
  4. Best Books of 2014 // Grab one of these before you head out to the beach!
  5. 50 Ways Your Home Could Change the Earth
  6. Because its summer and sandal season has begun, here’s my advice: 47ccc255a21a371484b5452b421931b5


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Where to next?

  • That shoe advice though…right on, sistah! Loving those updos. Guess it’s time for me to start practicing…

  • Thanks for the info on the best state parks. Love to visit them in the summer!

  • I always have the inner struggle on whether to buy a pair of shoes or not! Haha I like this quote!

  • life is definitely too short to not buy the shoes!!