Friday Favorites

GOOOD MORNING, people. Its freakin Friday and boy am I ready for the weekend.

Let’s get started.

But first, A Life Update.
  1. Still waiting on the results from my Public Health application.  I talked about it here.  I can’t see what I’m typing through tears fueled by anxiety and extreme caffeine withdrawal
  2. …because I really think I’m gonna give up soda for good, y’all. Dr. Pepper is just WAY too clingy and I need some space. But actually, my skin has just been complete sh*t lately so I’m trying to see if that’ll help clear everything up.
  3. Speaking of my skin that’s sh*t right now, I’m going to try the whole “drink more water” thing because its “healthy” and “beneficial.” Wish me luck because you’re lucky if I even take two sips out of a glass of water. Don’t even think about asking me to if there isn’t a lemon slice squeezed out in there.
  4. Speaking of the “drink more water” thing, have any of you done it? The challenge where you drink a gallon of water a day?? Does it seriously improve your skin? #HELP.
Now for the favorites.

Duh. Why you’re all here. My 10 Friday Favorites.

  • Emily Ley’s 30 Days of Simplicity Challenge. Love that lady and I haven’t even met her. Is that weird? She just seems like she has the sweetest heart and her babies are the CUTEST and I love her stuff. I bought my first Simplified Planner this year and I’m never goin back, people. Never ever.
  • Help. This European roadtrip just made me SO confused as to where I want to go next now.
  • How to write the perfect thank you note after the interview. But speaking of thank yous, I NEED to do a ton of those notes because I have a lot of people to thank for my existence. Mom. Dad. Beyonce. Jesus. Thank you.
  • ICYMI: Blogging lingo
  • 35 amazing female travel blogs you should read. Its from 2015 but it doesn’t matter, they’re still good blogs. So go read!! Be inspired!! Not now, but after you finish this post. Lol.
  • 20 must read books for bloggers
  • Is your car basically like your closet and a showcase of the food you’ve eaten in the past 47 days all in one? Sweet. Here’s how to organize it.
  • If you’re expecting something healthy and athletic in here, this is it: mistakes you’re making while you run.
  • As if you didn’t love Barefoot Blonde already, she went totally makeup free for a collaboration with Aveeno and asdfghjlklaskdjsal I have NO words. Wow. Beautiful. Role model. Seriously. Of course I’m basing this off of her blog but I can tell she’s so genuine and sweet and her family is the freakin’ cutest.
  • For the Pinterest crazy fans out there and those who have their wedding planned already, this post showcasing the top 26 coolest places to tie the knot in the US is JUST for you.

Thats all for today, y’all. TGIF and have a great weekend!!

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  • Thanks for sharing our Blogger Book List! Hope it is helpful. 😉 Are you in our #BloggersGetSocial Facebook group?

  • I also loved Barefoot Blonde’s collab with Aveeno! I use their body wash and mosturizer! Great friday picks…hope you have an amazing weekend!


  • I gave up soda about two years ago, and it has made a world of a difference in the way my skin looks! It is hard the first two weeks, but it is so worth it!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  • Thanks for sharing! I’m really interested in the books for bloggers! I definitely need to drink more water to make my skin healthier too! x

  • Definitely drinking a ton of water makes a huge difference XD! I bring 32oz or sometimes 40z water bottle with me everywhere I go. And great favorites! Thanks for sharing! I will be checking them out :D.

  • I think drinking a lot of water is so important, but too much is also bad. Apparently if you drink a gallon or more a day, you need to supplement with something like Gatorade, etc. to keep your electrolytes up. I’m not a doctor, so I don’t have all of the facts, but that is just what I heard. I do know that when I was drinking a gallon a day, working out quite a bit, and supplementing with a Gatorade a day, it helped my health A LOT

  • I drink about 60 oz or more per day! I am not sure if that’s a gallon or not but yeah.
    xoxo, Jenny
    xoxo, Jenny

  • I used to LOVE pop, but cut way back and started drinking more water and it made a HUGE difference. I still have probably 1-2 glasses a week, but I drink water all day and I definitely recommend it!


    • Savannah Ward

      Hey Courtney! I try to only have one soda a week and that day usually is when I nanny ALL day. I’m talkin’ 5am-5pm. So its great to hear that someone else practices this and still experiences some great changes! Thanks so much for your insight!

  • I feel like I comment this on every one of your posts like this, but I seriosuly love them!! Heading over to go read some of the articles you listed right now 🙂 x, kenz

  • I always love reading these little round ups. You find the best articles. I can definitely feel you on trying to drink more water. I’m trying to do the same. I’ve been slacking and my skin is paying for it.

    Best Wishes,
    Allison |

  • Giving up soda and caffeine sounds impossible, but I’m sure it’ll yield awesome results! Good luck!

    Diary of a Debutante

  • I gave up soda at the beginning of 2015 and haven’t looked back! It was a great change for me, and I replaced my morning coke with sparking water. That made for an easy transition for me! Good luck!

  • I’m trying to drink a lot more water too. My skin has been problematic. I found that clean eating helped a lot last week so I need to go back to it…

  • I’ve been meaning to start a series like this for a while… Maybe this post’ll serve as a catalyst. 🙂

    XO, Oksana |

  • Girl you need to get on the water game stat! I always drink water all day and try to make it my drink of choice even when I go out to restaurants. I can tell that when I am busy and dont drink as much water, my face looks dull. Once I start chugging water I feel way better internally and it shows on the outside.

  • Allison Ellzey

    Love this round up!