5 Things You Must Do the First Week of Class (+ FREE Assignment Tracker!)

I looooooo0000OOOove the first week of class. Nothing gets me goin’ more than highlighting assignment deadlines, meeting new teachers, finally using my planner….the good stuff, y’all. Here are 5 things you MUST. DO. the first week of class if you want to be successful this semester. No pressure.


1. Print out syllabi.

This HAS to be the first thing you do. Seriously. Everything else after this #1 can go in whatever order, but before the semester starts, PLEASE print out the syllabus for each class! And then bring it. To class. Duh.

2. Email your teachers!

I always like to shoot each teacher an email after their first class, introduce myself, and let them know I’m looking forward to the class. You might think its “teachers pet” to do so, but as the daughter of two professors, your teachers appreciate the small stuff more than you know! Sending an email will help put a name to your face so when you approach them after class one day, they’ll remember how sweet you were in your message! Usually, the email goes a little something like this:

Hi Professor (or Dr.),

My name is (insert first and last name here) and I am in your (insert class here) on (insert class day and time here). I wanted to reach out to introduce myself and let you know that I am very excited for this semester! (Then I usually say something quick that relates to the class, like…. “I am a Public Health major, so I am looking forward to hearing more about _________” or something like “In class you mentioned __________; I volunteered with ______ so I know a lot about _________!” Thank you, and I look forward to your class!

3. Clean your room.

Having your room clean before you go to bed every night is like having a fresh start when you wake up each morning! Making sure everything is clean and in its place the first week of class is SO important in order to eliminate unnecessary stress as you’re trying to figure out your classes!

4. Call home.

You know your family is waiting – give mom or dad a call and let them know that you’re alive and you’ve made it through the first week! Just 10 minutes on the phone will mean more to them than they’ll ever let on.

5. Write down all assignments and their deadlines.

Whenever I get all of my syllabi (see #1), I like to sit and write every deadline down on a tracker. As I work my way through the semester, I check off assignments and its such a great visual for counting down until the end! Because I think you’re awesome, I’m sharing the tracker I use FO FREE! I’ve also included a cute little contact sheet so you can write down all of your class info in one place. You are welcome.

Click here to download your very own assignment tracker!

Let me know how you like it! And GOOD LUCK with your first week! I know you’ll be fine.

Any other tips for starting the semester? Share below!

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  • Rachel Ritlop

    Such great tips! I miss the first week of classes! If only my life could be as organized as back then!

  • This semester I’m gonna try really hard to use my planner. I always buy one and I either forget to use it or don’t write things down because I tell myself I won’t forget anything and so wrong! I have never thought to email my professors to introduce myself! I’m definitely going to do that this semester. I hope you don’t mind me copying the example you provided.

    Yvanne | https://composedcollected.blogspot.com

  • Good luck everyone going back to school! What a fun time that was!

  • So sad I won’t be going back to school this year! Syllabus week is the best time to get organized before the work starts pouring in!

    Rachel / http://www.seashellsandsparkles.com

  • Sara Kate Steadman

    Girl, yes!!! A clean room is everything!!! I love that. It makes everything better I swear.

    Sara Kate Styling

  • Kayleigh

    I would always write down all important dates from my different class schedules!

  • Kristine Circenis

    I CAN’T WAIT TO START LEARNING. I love syllabus week and writing down all of the important deadlines, test dates and due dates.

  • I miss college so much, the first week of class was always my absolute favorite! I never emailed my professors the first week of class but I wish I would have, it’s a great habit!

  • I always print my syllabi and mark important dates in my agenda!


  • Alex Lo

    Great tips!

  • Sarah Louise Zerbe

    Writing down all of your assignments for the semester the first week of class is the only way I got through college haha.

    Sarah || http://www.stylishsassyandclassy.com/

  • Sara Holt

    writing down all of the assignments and deadlines in my planner was undoubtedly the best thing I did in college. with a social life, work, and school, the only way I could keep track was keeping it all in my planner!

  • Ashley Garza

    I miss my college days! I guess I get a little bit of this being a teacher and getting ready to start a new school year!

    xo Ashley

  • The tip about emailing your teacher is a great one!! I so wish I would have known to do that when I was in college. I love that you added a little template!! 🙂

  • Merisa Ferrell

    Great tips! I’m done with school but that assignment tracker would have been so helpful. xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

  • Bailey Humphrey

    Love these tips! Thanks for sharing the assignment tracker… can’t wait to start using it on Monday!


  • Great tips! One of the first things I do when beginning a new semester is print out my syllabi and write down all of the deadlines for the semester in my planner! That assignment tracker looks really helpful too!

  • Carolina Ines

    Love this! Thanks so much for the reminders and the email idea, I’ll definitely be emailing my teachers once classes start!!

    xo, Lina @ thelovelylina.com