Embracing the Glorious Mess

I’m sitting on a cute leather couch in the cuter than cute cabin rental S and I stumbled upon a couple of days ago. When the cabin we were originally interested in fell through, we panicked and hoped we could find a rental as affordable as the first. Well, we did! #blessed. Its only the second time I’ve stayed anywhere with a legit bed since August 1. Not a big deal to you, maybe, but totally a big deal to me. The sun is just now coming up and our tiny Colorado cabin is filled with light – and glittery dust particles, but you can thank the dog for that. Not that the dust particles are bad, though, because they sorta look like fairy dust so I’m totally fine with it. S is asleep and the dog is asleep and I’m propped up with a fluffy blanket and my handy dandy MacBook. Why, you ask? Why am I up with the sun? Why am I not snuggled in bed, taking advantage of a real live mattress?

Well, my friends, I’m about to be very real with you.

When traveling to new territory, there are a couple of things you have to be mindful of. Of course, a trip across the US isn’t as new territory as another continent, but the risks are still here. Risks, like contaminated water. Aka weird water that hasn’t been filtered and basically you shouldn’t drink it. Or new food. Which we have tried over the course of the last week because helloooo, new places and new local favorites and new holes in the walls. Anyways, this very real thing I’m talking about has to do with your stomach. I’m beating around the bush here, I know, but I just can’t say it out loud. I’ll just let this little emoji do the trick:


Its not THAT big of a deal, but sorta embarrassing because of the whole I’m-traveling-with-my-boyfriend thing. Basically when you drink that water that probably shouldn’t be drank or eat the food with the ingredients you’ve never had before, your body is like WHOA STOP HELLO??!!?! and its mad at you and has a freak out but there’s nothing you can do to fix it because you’re states and states away from your lil’ hometown and water and favorite foods like pizza just ain’t the same out west.

So, you may be wondering the point of all of this. This long post about my stomach and eating weird stuff, blah blah blah. Well, if I’ve learned anything, I’ve learned that traveling, most of the time, isn’t glamorous. Especially if that travel is in the form of tents and dispersed camping (more on that later). I’ve learned to roll with the punches and just soak it all in. In other words, embracing the glorious mess. And I’ve learned that S is a keeper. He knows travel isn’t glamorous, and he knows the realities of trying new foods and weird water, and he just laughs right along with me and keeps moving forward. Its hard to be outdoors for a long amount of time, because you’re vulnerable and, if you’re me, too emotional from little sleep, and everything that has to do with being outside can really be overwhelming sometimes. If anything, you guys, I’ve learned that I am for sure, 1000%, not a morning person. Bless my S and his great big heart for putting up with me until lunch.

But, let’s look on the bright side. I’m seeing places and mountains and rivers I’ve never seen before, yesterday I had the best French Dip I’ve ever had, this trip gave me an excuse to buy a cool outdoorsy and sporty watch, S has turned into this wild and crazy cute mountain man (complete with facial hair, like WHAT?!), and I’ve taken 800+ pictures that I will never ever get tired of looking at. Like this one:

#sandsoutwest #ExploreInBetween

#sandsoutwest #ExploreInBetween

…or this one:

who knew idaho had cool things?? #sandsoutwest #ExploreInBetween

who knew idaho had cool things?? #sandsoutwest #ExploreInBetween

When sh*t gets real, camping gets tough, water gets weird, and cell service is unheard of, embrace the glorious mess, watch the sunrise, hike a new trail, and fall in love with what the outdoors has to offer. Just keep breathing. Life was meant for great adventures (and sometimes, even the not-so-great ones are pretty interesting).

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  • Love this post! The pictures are gorgeous. It sounds like you’ve had a very eventful trip!

    • Savannah

      Thank you so much! It was so hard to pick which photos to share in this post because I love all of them and I took like 800. Oops. Thanks for commenting!

  • Mikayla

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful scenery! Definitely agree that life should be full with great adventures!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

    • Savannah

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  • I am so with you on this! My instagram gives the impression that I am always traveling and nothing goes wrong- False! I have a 9-5 and have my share of mishaps. Thanks for being raw and real!

    • Savannah

      Thanks so much for commenting! I agree with the impression Instagram gives sometimes and with this post I tried to be as honest as I could! 🙂

  • You are right – embracing the unpleasant and unexpected can really save the trip. Things will come up and it’s important to stay positive and enjoy the good!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

    • Savannah

      It was definitely hard to stay positive sometimes but we had a great time! Thanks so much for commenting, and I love your blog! 🙂

  • May

    I love your honesty here – traveling with a significant other can really force you to get down and dirty (pun not intended but hey – works for your situation!) about a lot of things that you hadn’t thought of before. You’ve been to some amazing places together now, and I’m sure that is making your relationship even stronger!


    • Savannah

      Hahaha yes! Down and dirty sometimes for sure. Thanks so much for commenting! 🙂 I think that working through stomach bugs and sometimes stressful camping situations definitely made us closer.

  • Amazing photos!
    I hope you feel better soon — I hate when certain foods cause your stomach to act up.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

    • Savannah

      Thanks for commenting and thank you so much! I am feeling better now that I’m back to drinking normal water hahaha.

  • These views are extraordinary. I love the message about embracing the glory in mess, I’m sort of learning that (in a different way) with my new puppy. He is crazy and rambunctious and destructive but simultaneously so sweet and loving and cuddly. I’m trying to focus on the positive while moving forward and doing the best to train him to not be such a mini tyrant haha!

    • Savannah

      I can totally apply embracing the mess to a new puppy! I hope the sweet and cuddly side makes an appearance more often than the other, although crazy is sometimes a good thing haha! Thanks so much for commenting!

  • Such gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing such a valuable lesson with us 🙂 I hope that you continue to have a good trip… and that your poor tummy hangs in there!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    • Savannah

      Thanks so much for commenting! 🙂

  • Nicole

    Love all the pictures! Your trip sounds fun, but rather eventful!!

    Nicole // Chronicles of Home

    • Savannah

      Thanks for commenting! And it was quite eventful, but so much fun! 🙂

  • Lauren

    Absolutely love this post! It’s so real and so great to hear someone being honest about a traveling experience… I agree with so many things you said!

    The Fashionista’s Diary

    • Savannah

      Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. I was sorta on the fence about being honest and open about…issues with my stomach hahaha but it felt so good to talk about an issue thats super real and normal when traveling. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  • Ashley

    Yes!!!! I love that you are ’embracing the glorious mess’. This post could not have been more perfect. Sometimes it’s just about letting it all go and living in the moment. Gorgeous photos by the way!

    xo Ashley

    • Savannah

      Thank you so much! 🙂

  • Wow! Such beautiful scenery! It sounds like you have awesome trip!!

    • Savannah

      We had a great time! Thank you so much for commenting! 🙂

  • What beautiful pictures! Not gonna lie, this happened to me when we went to yellowstone.. so I feel ya! This is such a positive message! There is humor in a lot of bad situations:)

    • Savannah

      Oh my gosh! So sorry. I was so glad I wasn’t around a lot of people when my stomach was feeling bad. I can’t imagine being in the car and out and about! Thanks so much for commenting!

  • Gorgeous photos! Camping definitely isn’t a glamorous experience hah! Definitely agree what you said about embracing the mess. I went camping for the first time with my roommates – we went to a music festival. It poured on one of the days and luckily we had an extra tarp to make sure that our tent didn’t get soaked.

    Alessandra | The PumpUp Blog

    • Savannah

      oh my gosh, EVERY time I go to a music festival in my home town, it rains! I’ve never been to a festival without bad weather! So weird! But then again, super fun sometimes 🙂 Thanks so much for commenting!

  • I agree, traveling isn’t always that glamorous! But I sure do make it look pretty on Instagram, haha. This location is absolutely STUNNING!

    xo, Alicia | Alicia Tenise

    • Savannah

      I know, right?! It was honestly breathtaking. Sometimes I didnt even bother taking a picture because I knew the view wouldnt be captured perfectly. Thanks for commenting!

  • It’s great that you could find the bright side of this situation! IT looks like you are having the best time with the best views!

    • Savannah

      Thanks so much for commenting! 🙂

  • Stunning pictures! Glad to hear you’re embracing ALL elements of the journey 🙂

    Diary of a Debutante

  • This was so funny! But aside from that trouble, glad you’re enjoying the trip!Those photos are absolutely stunning! 🙂

    As We Stumble Along

  • Great post and you’re right about embracing the bad along with the good. Amazing photos!

    Alexis @ alexis-reliford.com

  • Elana

    You’re such a great writer. I love this story. You’re so right – you have to embrace the mess and look on the bright side.

  • Haha love that you blogged about this! It’s always tough getting there but once you’re comfortable enough, the freedom is great! 😉

    xo // http://www.thematerialgirl.co

  • The travel struggles are so real! But it’s awesome when your travel buddy is understanding and you can push past that awkward moments together and take in all of the other fabulous moments – like those sights! Wow!

    Coming Up Roses

  • haha love your post! Glad to hear you’re embracing it!
    And the pictures are so pretty! Wish I could see them in person!

  • Great post! Those pictures are beautiful. I love how honest you were in this post. It’s really important for us bloggers to do that sometimes!