The Elephant Pants

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 10.43.19 AMHey ya’ll, I am SO sorry for the unexpected blogging break I took last week. I was in over my head with finals and planning for the summer. Don’t worry – I’ll be back this week with an all new guest post on Tuesday. And I have some exciting news! I have been selected to be one of the ambassadors for The Elephant Pants, a company that sells pants with beautiful designs while donating to organizations to help stop poaching and the terrifying deaths these beautiful animals face. Now on a more serious note:


In three short years, 100,000 elephants have been killed by poachers. (source) Want to help? For every pair of pants purchased, $1 or $2 is donated to the African Wildlife Foundation. The Elephant Pants works hard to raise awareness and help put a stop to the miserable deaths of elephants. These pants are super reasonably priced at $18.00. They are made out of great material and you can wear them anywhere!

Want to help? Click HERE to see the pants. And this is important: if you want to come back later and buy a pair, make sure you use the same URL I just gave you. Not sure about buying pants? You can get beautiful jewelry pieces as well for less than $20.00! Both pants and pieces of jewelry are accessible through the URL.

Thank you so much for reading and thank you in advance for helping the elephants by purchasing a pair of pants 🙂

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  • Its awesome to always buy with a cause. Good job on being an ambassador for elephants. I wish you goodluck to inspire more people to buy and at the same time donate. Its nice to see a post with a cause.


  • Congratulations on your ambassadorship! Being a brand ambassador is always fun, but it’s that much more significant and sweet when there’s a good cause behind it! Elephants are one of my favorite animals so I can’t wait to look into this awesome project, thanks for sharing!


  • Congratulations on being an ambassador! I’m an ambassador as well, it’s a really great cause to support! 🙂

    xx | Steph @