What. The. Heck. HOW is it already December? Everybody says that, but actually HOW did the year fly by so quickly? Or just life in general because I feel like just yesterday I was getting ready for my first day of second grade.

Kidding, I don’t remember anything from my childhood before age 13. So.

Here’s a November recap and what to expect in December:


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November Goals


(in comparison with October stats)

Top traffic sources: Facebook, Google, BlogLovin’, which surprises me because I’m not very active on BlogLovin’!

Countries: US, Australia, Brazil.

327 unique visitors -10

777 page views -98

296 comments -1

50 Twitter followers +3

1146 Instagram followers +23

111 Pinterest followers


The following are November goals from my 101 in 1001 list that I’ve completed this month.

□ Hit 1,000 monthly views (!!!)

□ Collaborate with another blogger

□ Participate in a twitter chat

□ Make straight A’s

□ Work out at least twice a week

□ Go one whole week without fast food

✓ Host/participate in a blog linkup

□ Reach 100 Twitter followers

✓ Travel

As you can see, I’m slacking in this department. November was SUCH a crazy month for me, filled with both good and bad experiences. I’m excited to see how December goes with a couple of new ideas I’m working on!


Here are my goals for the month, both personal and related to blogging:

□ Finish and submit Public Health major application that decides the course of my career nbd #help

□ Travel — even if its something as small as going to the mountains or the beach for a weekend, its a monthly goal for me to get out of my town and get away for a while, no matter how long and no matter how far!

□ Hit 1,000 monthly views (!!!) — sorta bummed that this didn’t happen last month since I am SO. CLOSE, but its understandable. I didn’t post as frequently as planned and didn’t connect on social media as much!

□ Collaborate with another blogger — this is in the works!!

□ Go one whole week without fast food — this is SO HARD, y’all. SO hard.

□ COMPLETELY 100% move into my new apartment

□ Stick to a workout routine — as a college student I think that sticking to a schedule is really important but for me, adding exercise just feels really overwhelming. I’m going to try to come up with a routine that is reasonable for my schedule and commit!


□ Wreath for my front door

□ Assignment planner for Spring semester

□ Resume


via Her Campus

□ Indoor garden!! I just got an aloe plant from my Grandma and I’m planning on getting a lemon tree and growing some other plants that work well inside. Here’s some inspiration from Pinterest:

What about you? What are you goals for the month? I can’t wait to see my blog grow and come back in JANUARY  OF FREAKIN 2016 (?!!!!) to give you an update!

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  • So great to create goals andwrite them down! Love this entire recap type of post 🙂


    Sugar & Something

  • Good luck on your goals this month 🙂
    I’m sure you’ll hit 1,000 in December!
    xoxo, Jenny

  • Stick to a workout plan! I need to make that as a goal too. I always get into a plan and then fall out on it. I know. It is so crazy that is December! You will definitely hit 1,000 with your hard work.

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  • I LOVE THE INDOOR GARDEN idea. Oh my gosh, it is my dream to do that sometime in the future but now that I think about it.. why not now.

    I’d recommend checking out Kayla Itsine’s and her workouts! It’s 3x a week for only 28 minutes and people get spectacular results. It’s great for when you’re on a tight schedule and don’t have a lot of time!


  • Miss ALK

    Best of luck on your December goals!! I hope this is a wonderful month for you! 🙂

    xoxo A

  • Kayleigh

    Love the way you compare your goals. I’m definitely spending my month trying to get in shape!

  • Reading your goals is so motivating, I love the idea of that mug rack. It is so cute!

  • Ashley

    Love all of your goals! Definitely inspired me to keep track of my progress! And can we talk about that mug rack?!? Please share this DIY!

    xo Ashley

  • I love your 10 Quotes to Cope and Keep Going! Good luck on your goals!

  • Sara Kate Steadman

    YGG! You’re getting there! Can’t wait to keep following along!


    Sara Kate Styling

  • I love your goals! I definitely think I’m going to do this next year!

    Lauren | The
    Arizona Prepster

  • I loved the artifact uprising gift guide. Omg and I also had all these goals to up my blogging game last month but life got so crazy lol!

  • I agree – how is it December?? This is a great post!

  • Congrats on hitting all these milestones! You should be proud, lady!

    Diary of a Debutante

  • Kristine Circenis

    Loved reading this post! I’m also embarking on the 101 in 1001 quest and some months seem SO much easier than others.


  • That coffee mug wall! I need to make that when I move out! And I am with you, I can’t believe that it is already December! So crazy how fast this year flew by!

  • I am cheering for you on the 1,000 monthly page views! You will be there before you know it 🙂 A week with fast food shouldn’t be as hard as it is. I’m right there with ya on that one!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  • I’m totally cheering for you for your blogging goals!! You’re going to knock it out of the park I just know it! I love your blog!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

  • I love this idea! It’s perfect for anyone who missed a post.

  • Lauren Ashley

    Yay to all of those accomplishments!!!!!!!!


  • Congrats on all you’ve accomplished! With this, you should definitely be able to accomplish some goals this December!

  • Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished!

    with southern grace,


  • What a great rundown! It’s always fun to see other people’s goals and how they progress through them. If I can offer a plant recommendation- pothos is excellent and grows like mad! I’ve had mine for a little less than a year and it’s taking over my living room. Very easy to care for and it’s good for your home’s air, too! By the way, I found your blog through Sahar’s blog review. Good luck with your December goals!