Confetti Talk: Meet My Best Friend

Over the last couple of weeks, my best friend Courtney has been nothing short of absolutely amazing. I’m so excited to have her on the blog today as part of my guest post series, Confetti Talk! Read more posts from the series here.

Before you hear from Courtney, I want to tell you about her. She is without a doubt the most selfless, loving, and caring friend I’ve ever had. I know I can come to her with anything and she’ll be there with arms wide open, ready to listen. Together we love Dr. Pepper, Arby’s (don’t roll your eyes, that shit is actually GOOD), Rihanna (whenever we’re at a party together we request her ANTI album and sing at the top of our lungs), and How to Get Away with Murder (the best TV show on the planet).

The first time I met her was at transfer orientation, and I was panicked. I was staying at a friend’s house for the weekend two hours away from home. When I got up that morning, I realized I’d left my contacts at home, so I just had my glasses. Usually, this wouldn’t have been a problem, except it was pouring rain, and you guys with glasses know how much of a pain it is to put those two together. I walked into the student union, glasses foggy and me frantically wiping them off with my fingers ike windshield wipers. I got to know Courtney in the first info session and ending up sitting with her and her sweet mama for lunch. About a year later, I moved out of my apartment and into hers. Being roommates was the BEST!

I can’t put into words how thankful I am for everything this girl has done for me. I hope everybody has a friend like Courtney. Otherwise, I feel really bad for you.

Who are you, where are you from, and what do you do?

Hi! I’m Courtney. I’m from North Carolina and I am a student. I study Organizational Communication and Journalism – I’m a SENIOR! Savannah and I have been friends and roommates for more than a year. We met at transfer orientation!

What makes you happy?

Hanging out with friends, going to the beach, drawing (but I’m not any good at it), and singing (also not good at that).

What is one thing you would tell your high school self?

Try harder! I didn’t do anything in high school. I feel like it would’ve opened up more options for me going into college.

What is one thing you use on a daily basis that you can’t live without?

Ooooo. Probably this lotion I have. It’s by Soap & Glory and called The Righteous Butter. It’s REALLY nice. Get it at Target!! It’s $10 and smells delicious. I have the body wash too.

How do you stay positive when you’re stressed out?

I think taking time to de stress – having a bath while you’re reading for class or lighting a candle with a nice scent – is good so you’re not high strung all of the time. My favorite candles by the way are from Bath and Body Works. Any of them.

For what in your life do you feel most grateful? How do you show that gratitude?

I think I feel most grateful for having the opportunity to be in school and having the family that supports school. I show that by working hard in school and letting my parents know in that way that I appreciate them.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

Ooooo. These questions make me think! I don’t know. I want to be remembered as fun. I want people to remember laughing with me.

When you’re 100 years old, what will matter to you the most?

I guess my great grandkids, right?! If I’m alive at 100 after the amount of Dr. Pepper I drink I think I’ll be grateful for anything.

Do you have any connections with Courtney? Talk in the comments! Happy Thursday!

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  • This is such a cute series! And you and your friend are adorable!

    Caitlyn |

  • Bryn Doubledee

    I love this! My best friends and I always request Rihanna whenever we go out, too!

    Bryn || The Wine Chronicles