HEY ITS WEDNESDAY!! Half-through the week!!!! I just got back from almost sorta slowly dying out in the middle of nowhere backpacking with my dude and it was terrible.

Kidding! Totally kidding.IMG_4021

Look at how cute and mountainy he is. What you can’t see is how smelly he was. Seriously. We decided deodorant wasn’t worth the weight and boy, was that a mistake. TMI?

We parked my car off of the side of the road – sketchy, yes – and started our hike on Sunday. We got very lost for 4327 years  a little under two hours because no trail markers (seriously nature trail people WHY) and that sucked because we were basically just walking around in a huge circle. I think we just loved wearing our very heavy backpacks so much that we decided to throw in some more trekking fun!!!

Have you ever had freeze dried food? Y’all, it is seriously so good. I’m not kidding. The first night, we had chili with beef and beans. Very warm and very outdoorsy. I really felt like a pro backpacker. The next morning we had eggs, sausage, hash browns, and veggies, all from a little blue bag like you see up above!! All you do is boil some water and pour it in the bag, then seal it, and in 10 minutes you open the bag up and VOILA BAM WAZOO you have some hot and steamy and good food. And we had Teriyaki Chicken for dinner on our last night as well. When we got back from the wilderness we had…guess.

Chicken liver!

Joking. We had pizza. Duh.

Throughout our hike we saw many many baby waterfalls. Which was good, because we could get fresh pretty beautiful adventurous mountain spring water but bad because I constantly felt like I had to pee. TMI again?

Overall, we had a really good time. I’ve never backpacked before and I never thought I would choose to hike for a million miles, but my hair wasn’t that bad after 3 days and the views were incredible and I think I would recommend backpacking to anyone! Here are a few things I learned:

  • Do. Not. Over. Pack. I repeat: DON’T PACK TOO MUCH STUFF! Or you’ll really regret it. I didn’t even bring my fancy real camera (tears shed) because I knew half way through I’d really regret having that thing around my neck.
  • Bring deodorant. Just do it. Please. Dry shampoo and actual shower stuff…those things aren’t necessary for small trips at all. And if you’re worried about your hair like I was, just bring a bandana to fold over and use as a headband so no one can tell how nasty it really is. True story. S, bless his sweet heart, said my hair looked incredible the whole time. Uh, okay. And the grass is blue (Norah Jones, anyone?)
  • If you’re wondering about clothes, for 3 days I packed a pair of shorts, thermal leggings, a thermal long sleeved shirt, a polyester sweatshirt, a bathing suit, a button down (blue/white checkered in picture above), 3 pairs of undies, hiking shoes, and a sports bra. I learned how to prioritize. And it made me so sad. Only one pair of shoes?!
  • What we regret not packing MORE of is food. We packed VERY light in the food department which was a huge mistake because hello hiking all day and hello me because I am hungry 24/7. So I would say pack three meals a day for each day and then maybe one more meal just in case your stomach’s still grumbling after dinner. Which is exactly what happened to us.

I asked S what he learned.

  • I don’t know, you can’t just put me on the spot like that.

The prince has spoken.


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  • Wow what an excursion!! You’re a brave soul haha!! I love hiking and the outdoors but in the form of day trips… I’m not big into camping or spending nights outside so I don’t know if I would have survived. :-p

    xoxo A

    • Savannah

      I NEVER thought I would do something more than a day trip! When we went on our road trip and camped we had so much more stuff that made it a little closer to “glamping”… like a queen size air mattress to go in our tent!! With this trip everything was so minimal, so it was definitely interesting to compare the two types of camping I’ve done.

      If you ever have the opportunity to backpack for a couple of days, you should do it! But I don’t know if I could do it for any longer than a week.

  • Wow, such an adventure!
    Haha I don’t think I could ever do something like that.
    Camping outside makes me nervous.

    xoxo, Jenny

    • Savannah

      Camping outside makes me nervous too!! I don’t like bugs at all so its always a race to get the tent door closed when going in and out so I don’t encounter any creepy crawlers while I sleep. Ew.

  • This is awesome! I’ve never been backpacking (or camping to be honest), so I’m enjoying following along with your adventures 🙂

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

    • Savannah

      I definitely think everybody should give it a try at least once! As cheesy as it sounds, you learn so much about yourself. Thanks for following along! :]

  • Chronicling Home

    WOW that’s amazing! I am not a big outdoorsy girl, but I do think I’d really enjoy the kind of trip you did!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

    • Savannah

      Thanks so much for commenting! Still can’t get over your pretty navy blue living room…haha! Hope you have a great day! :]

  • Love your adventure!

    • Savannah

      Thanks so much! Have a great day!

  • Ashley

    This post was the cutest. I love that you two went backpacking! It sounds so fun and (being the absolute girly girl that I am) so brave! I think I would like to just try tent camping, before backpacking. You make it look so fun though, so maybe someday!

    xo Ashley

    • Savannah

      Tent camping isn’t bad at all! Especially if you bring things like a huge air mattress like we did on our road trip out west :] You should definitely try it! Thanks so much for commenting!

  • This looks like a blast! I want to go backpacking! Your outfit is so cute! I would look a hot mess haha. Will definitely be consulting your list if I ever decide to take an extended hiking trip.

  • Lauren

    This looks like so much fun!
    The Fashionista’s Diary

  • Love these photos, this sounds like a fun backpacking trip (minus the hunger). I think your tips are perfect!

  • Your boyfriend’s answer to the last question was hilarious. It looks like you two had a lot of fun and it seems like such a great bonding experience as well! I wish I was more outdoorsy because I’d love to do something like this with my bf! Thanks for sharing your adventure and the beautiful pictures!

    Kayla |

  • So fun!!! This makes me want to plan another camping trip.

    Diary of a Debutante

  • Absolutely love this! I seriously want to try freeze dried food, where did you get yours?

    Courtney//As We Stumble Along

    • Savannah

      I got mine at REI! They have a HUGE selection and honestly after having freeze dried food for this trip I’m considering buying a couple of bags just in case I’m home one night and don’t want to cook…haha the chili mac and beef was my favorite!

  • I have never tried freeze dried food and am surprised to hear its good! Maybe one day if the adventure bug strikes me!

    How 2 Wear It []

  • omg this is probably the best blog I’ve read all week!!! You guys are spontaneous! Loved that you guys decided to just go backpacking!!!