5 Ways to Fly Easy


The Best Ways to Save Yourself Hassle When Flying

Worried about your next big flight? This is a stressful period for any holidaymaker, and cited by many as one of the worst parts of their vacation. It doesn’t have to be that way, however.  Today, let’s look at five ways in which you can save yourself hassle when you next fly!

Arrive early

This is a tip which is often overlooked in general life, not just when thinking about hopping on a plane. As any organised person will tell you, getting somewhere ahead of time has major benefits. 1cover cite this as one of their top tips for an easy flight, with an early arrival ensuring:

  • You miss the mass queues of people waiting to board
  • You’re fully aware of everything which is going on
  • You’re more likely to be upgraded or offered an exit row seat

It pays to be punctual in life, but perhaps no more so than when catching a plane.

Pack smart

A poorly packed suitcase is one of the biggest rookie errors someone heading on a vacation can make. You need to ensure you’re taking enough, but also not overstocking what is, after all, a limited space. You don’t want to be lugging a giant case through the airport. The Independent Traveller provides a detailed guide for anyone looking to make sure they don’t fall into one of these traps when packing. There top tips include folding clothes efficiently and creating an interactive travel list before you head out.

Check in online

Doing this can save a passenger literally hours when they arrive at an airport. You’ll be able to check in online at least 24 hours before your flight is set to take off – meaning when you arrive you’ll be able to almost instantly board the plane (when it’s ready). This has also been known to help people get much better seats if you haven’t already selected one.

Get a medical note from your doctor

This won’t apply for everyone – but can be crucial if you’re someone who suffers from a medical condition. Trying to take your medication through customs can be a nightmare, so it will be a significant help if you can prove you’re not up to anything dodgy. This is easily enough done if you carry a signed note from your doctor with you. Also remember to stay calm in this situation, as a panicked passenger seems more suspicious to airport staff.

Stock up on snacks

Keep a host of healthy snacks with you. This won’t make any difference to making your flight easier, but it will keep your stomach and mind satisfied – which will serve to reduce to stress levels. Energy levels will also be boosted – so long as you ensure the snacks you’re chowing down on are as healthy as possible, according to Business Travel Life. You can elect to nibble on sliced vegetable and fruit if inspiration is lacking.

Have these tips helped to make things easier for you ahead of your next flight? Remember to keep them in mind when you head off on your next adventure. Stress levels will be lower than ever before!

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