I’m slowly getting back into the blogging game and today I’m giving you a recap of my Spring Break: a week spent in Florida where I went to Okeechobee Music Festival before hanging around Naples! If you’re thinking about attending Okee next year, this is the post for you.

    Before going to Okeechobee, I had only been to a small music festival near my hometown, Shakori Hills. SO, when I pulled up to the festival gates with my best friend Mackinzie and found out the festival was SOLD OUT with 30,000+ people, I was pretty overwhelmed. But SO excited! Attending Okee was an impulse decision; Mackinzie and I bought our tickets on a whim and decided to just figure out the details on a later date. We ended up stopping at Walmart about an hour out from the festival to get supplies and groceries! In my mind, that’s kinda last minute. Right? Spontaneous?? Yes?? Continue Reading

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