Here it is. Your one stop for all things formal recruitment! When I was preparing to rush, I spent hours and hours scrolling through Pinterest and reading everything I could find on recruitment. No worries, ladies. I’ve got you covered. This guide talks about

    • Frequently asked questions, like how the process works, how much it costs to be in a sorority, what to expect each round, hazing, how to choose the sorority that’s right for you, and what to do if you don’t think you’d fit in
    • What to wear
    • Where to buy clothes, shoes, and jewelry for recruitment
    • What to pack in your bag to bring during the day
    • What to do
    • … and what NOT to do
    • Bloggers to follow for outfit inspiration

    Questions when you read? Comment below and I’ll do my best to answer OR I’ll pass you along to someone who can J If you’re reading this from another school outside of UNC Charlotte, hey! Welcome! Some of the questions below might be unique to UNCC, so I encourage you to check out your Greek Life office if you have a question about your specific school.

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